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Welcome! If you are a creator who wants to monetise or you lack inspiration, just whisper in our jumbo's ear. It will make your dreams come true! 


Need to tell your story to the world and you are  stuck? Are you unsure of the nuances of publication? Want your books to be translated? Or simply, do you need to be a part of something creative? You can connect with us and avail our services. 


Team Jumbo believes that all associations are fun, with this in mind all our ventures are designed to get your creative juices flowing. You can become a part of Jumbo clan by participating in our ongoing activities and associate with us on upcoming projects.


The growth of most organisations is intangible.  Our lores represent our development curve. You can be one of our contributors by submitting your tales to us. Jumbo clan has come out with more than 100 books so far...

Snowy Forest

About Us

Everyone has a story to tell. These stories come to us at times when we are at perfect solitude from the world. They excite us, propel us and define us. Be it a creator or a brand, it is your story, that creative spark, that starting point that matters. 

How exhilarating  it would be if we are given an opportunity to put such stories on paper and place them into the hands of readers and end users throughout the globe. The Mahouts at Pachyderm Tales endeavour to do exactly that... Make your dreams come true.  Approach  us with your stories and see them metamorphose into Short films, Web Series, Motion Pictures, Events, Exhibitions and Books. 


Our Jumbo will also lead you towards ebooks, audio books and printed copies of your creative genius. Further more, if you feel that you have a tale to tell the world but are not able to express it out, seek us and we will help transforming your ideas into words.


Rest assured that we will help you in every step of your creative journey - Writing, Editing, Compiling, Cover Designing, Publishing, Marketing, Event Curation and Brand Building among others.

The mundanity of corporate life strikes everyone and we are here to make work interesting. Through our theatre, art, storytelling, creative writing and mindscape building workshops we aid your employees break their routine and get rejuvenated. 


In canopy find the associates Jumbo clan has worked with

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 "Pachyderm Tales is a space where creativity can flourish, and find the roots it needs to grow. It was a pleasure working with Priya for the Aava anthology. Her drive, flexibility, and above all, her encouragement really brought out the best in me. I wish Pachyderm Tales all the best for its future ventures, and look forward to working with Priya again." 



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