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5 Quirky tips to Pick your Pen and Start writing

Chidi, the sparrow came flying to Jungle, looking for Jumbo. Today Jumbo was relishing Gobi Manchurian and hot chilli Bajjis.

"So, what's up bro", asked Jumbo in a new cool slang it has picked from the streets.

Chidi, visibly looked annoyed. "I am having a deadline and do not know what to write..." Chidi said.

"So, You need Jumbo to help you, Wow, That's amazing buddy, come sit, take down notes and share bajjis with me", Jumbo jumped with joy!

Orrey!! was Chidi's response.

Dear Jumbo Clan, these are the tips that Jumbo gave Chidi, we hope they will be useful to you as well. If you find no inspiration to write, or do not know what to write about, come and talk to Jumbo, it always has outlandish ideas.

Jumbo Tip 1: Find three random objects around you and start writing stories from their perspective. At the least start with imagining a story, slowly but surely, it will develop itself. Do you know, Jumbo created itself by imagining a cool elephant, who is creative and emphatic. To do so, it found inspiration from coolers, music and painting supplies.

Jumbo Tip 2: Look outside the balcony and create a character out of the first stranger who walks past you. Now if they are familiar to you, chances are that they are already part of your fictional realm. Most villains, we create are people whom we despise in real life right? He! He! Jumbo does that too.

Jumbo Tip 3: Pick a dictionary, a thesaurus or any book lying around you, choose 5 words and try to incorporate them in a plot. Jumbo is always surrounded by books and hence it is one easy tip to follow. Sometimes you will end up creating a story with totally different words that would otherwise never gel. It will keep you challenged for a long time.

Jumbo Tip 4: This one is fun, and Jumbo uses it often. Listen to a random song and try to turn its narrative into another totally different genre. If it is a love song, write a narration with elements from it and make it into an angry story. For example, Let it go, from Frozen is such an important song of pent up emotions and anger, but Jumbo loves to make it into a comedy narration, where it imagines a woman who is losing her hair, singing Let it go, now create a story from that. Isn't it funny!

Jumbo Tip 5: If you find nothing inspiring inside the house, go out and do something different. And search for weird factors, you will get an aha moment!

Jumbo hopes that it has pushed you enough to create something! What are you doing still? Start writing already!!! Bubay! from Jumbo.

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