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5 Writing Tips from Jumbo!

Chidi was lost in thoughts when Jumbo came to meet.

“What are thinking? You didn’t even notice me coming in” asked Jumbo

“Oh! Sorry buddy I was just thinking about writing something but i am just unable to concentrate and I have no idea where to start” replied Chidi

“ That is all? Come here I will help you with that. I have the solution to your problem. Just follow what i say and you will have an idea” jumbo said.

“You are the best Jumbo!!!” Chidi screamed in excitement

Hey Jumbo clan! Here are the tips Jumbo gave Chidi. We hope you find it useful too.

Tip 1: Don’t stress about the First Line!

  • Don’t start with the first line first. We all want to write the best first lines and catch the attention of the readers right from page one. But here is a secret, the first line comes to you as you progress with your story. So don’t stress too much if you couldn’t think of the perfect words to bring out the magical first line!

Tip 2: Plan everything!

  • Always have a plan. It is very important to have a plot structure and your characters and their characteristics sorted. For example, how old your characters are, what work they do and their family and friends and things. Your MC can also have a mannerism if you want them to have it!

  • Focus on the supporting characters. They have a life outside supporting the MC and readers always connect with them easily!

Tip 3 : Have an open mind!

  • Be open to ideas and changes. You might start with a storyline and plot but the end product might not be the same as when you started but different is good. As you write, new ideas and plot twits and characters will pop up so have an open mind to accept them and alter the plot and plan as and when necessary!

Tip 4: Take notes!

  • Write down every single idea. Sometimes the best scenes pops up when you are in the middle of something so always write them down when it strikes because its hard to get the vibe back and the scenes fade away like smoke!

Tip 5: Self motivation is the best!

  • Treat yourself when you finish a scene or a chapter. Self motivation is the best, so be your own muse and celebrate each milestone. Nothing is a waste of time and no idea is bad.

We hope that was helpful! We will be back with new writing tips and reading recommendations for you each week. Happy writing!!

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