Five Healthy Snacks to Munch while Writing

It was a lovely evening. As Jumbo, Chidi and their twin Squirrel friends Sandy and Candy were skating in the park, our little Jumbo started feeling so hungry. Jumbo thought about the cheesy Paneer makhani that Mumma promised to cook for dinner.

“Guys, I feel so tired. Can we continue this tomorrow?” Jumbo asked.

“Jumbo! I know what is disturbing you right now!” Chidi giggled.

“What’s up with him Chidi?!” Sandy asked excitedly.

“It is Paneer makhani that he is going to have for his dinner” They cackled with laughter.

“Guys! I feel hungry too. What do you think about having some refreshing carrots, Crispy ground nuts and cool cucumbers from our garden?!” Jumbo’s foodie friend Candy invited.

“Yayyy! Let’s make our way to the garden quick” Jumbo whirled out of excitement

************* As they arrived at the garden, Jumbo picked off the veggies cheerfully.

“Jumbo! Enough. Let’s have them now.” Chidi could not wait anymore to taste them.

As the four sat to eat, Sandy asked “Jumbo! So what is your favorite snack?”

“Jumbo loves anything and everything that can be termed food” Chidi chuckled.

“True. But there are some easy snacks that I love to prepare myself, Chidi. I make them whenever I sit to write.” Jumbo said with a mouthful of carrots.

“Easy snacks to prepare? Yayy! I have got to try them bro. So what are they?” Candy asked.

Dear Jumbo clan! our Jumbo has come up with five easy and healthy snacks that you can whip up in no time and munch on while writing.

1. Chick Peas:

This is a simple to prepare yet delicious dish. Does your mouth water thinking of spicy, supersoft Chick peas covered in creamy onions and juicy tomatoes? Yummm. This also helps in controlling hunger pangs as it has rich protein and fiber content. So what are you waiting for? Have chick peas and write uninterrupted for hours.

2. Poha

Uhmm! Some beaten rice flakes, spices, peanuts and crunchy onion. Your healthy, appetizing Poha is ready. Mumma makes Poha much often and says that the rich carbohydrate content keeps me energetic through out the day. 

3. Fruit Salad

Candy often gives me lots of fruits from his garden. You know what I do with all those pulpy grapes, juicy oranges, tender strawberries and yummy Apples? Haha! I slice them up and tada ....  a bowl of freshness is ready! Just add delicious decorations of yum-yum honey and squeezy lemon over it. A healthy and very quick snack that keeps you hydrated all through your writing time.

4. Bread Upma

Some Crispy Toasted bread slices, yummy tomato sauce, tangy Onion and Ginger paste. Your Peppery, hot yet sweet quick snack is ready. I love bread upma because it is the peppiest snack ever.

5. Mangai (Raw Mango)

This is a typical South Indian Snack. You have to do nothing but dust some Chili Flakes and munch the ever Mouth watering Mangai pieces. Chidi and I buy this regularly from TunTun Dhadhi and her raw mangoes are the best. This boosts up my energy and makes me a better writer.  Also remember guys the sour and spicy nature of mango, inspires me with plot twists.  

So that’s for today people . It’s time to write. See you all soon!!!

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