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Jumbo and Chidi’s Thriller Weekend

“Hey Chidi! Do you have any plans for the weekend?” asked Jumbo

“Nothing much. I am thinking about a more productive weekend. What do think about me reading all weekend?” Chidi asked

“Oh! Reading is awesome. Maybe we can both spend the weekend reading!” Jumbo said excited about the idea of reading all weekend.

“Jumbo, do you have any suggestions for me? I feel like reading some nice thrillers ” Chidi asked

Here are some of the books Jumbo suggested for Chidi. We hope you find them interesting and hopefully they will make your weekend reading more fun!

1. The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins

Rachel is nothing but just the girl on the train and an alcoholic who lost everything and lives for no definite purpose. She lost her husband, her job and her health is depleting too. But worst of all are the blackouts. She is accused of so many horrible things by her ex-husband Tom who is now married to Anna but Rachel has little or no memory of it. During her daily train rides she crosses Tom’s house and a loving couple, Megan and her husband living a little away from Tom’s. She imagines their life as everything she lost and could have had. But things take a turn when Megan goes missing and Anna suspects Rachel, the alcoholic stalker and Rachel has no memory of the night which puts her in a bad light.

This amazing thriller is one great page turner and will keep you on the edge through out!

2. Close to home : Cara Hunter

Eight year old Daisy Mason goes missing from a costume party hosted by her parents. No one saw her go anywhere, no one actually saw her at the party itself. But she was there, she should have been. Detective Inspector Adam Fawley knows the suspect can’t be someone unknown. In most cases its someone close to home. But the investigation leads no where. Daisy’s family is strange. A highly questionable father and a mother who cares only about herself and a brother who talks to no one. Some past secrets are finding their way out and the darkness in them holds the answer to finding the little girl.

This unpredictable mystery will make you keep guessing and will hit you in the least expected moment.

3. Two Can Keep a Secret: Karen McManus

Ellery and Ezra, the twins arrive at Echo Ridge.The place her mother grew up, went to high school and the very place their aunt, their mother’s twin sister, the homecoming queen went missing years ago. The whole town seems strange. People are either too nice or give side glances but either way everyone has a secret. Their mother wouldn't talk about her time here neither does she say who their father is. When another homecoming queen goes missing and history repeats again Ellery comes next in line and feels threatened. But there are too many secrets to uncover and sometimes its better left unsaid.

Let‘s get the prediction game going! You will enjoy this thriller for sure.

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