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Jumbo's Write-Songs from The Umbrella Academy

"Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...."

"Oh! Jumbo! Will you ever stop screaming at the top of your voice?", asked Chidi.

"I am sorry Chidi, didn't notice you coming, I was mesmerised by this song." replied Jumbo rolling its eyes in a cute way.

"So, you are at it again?" enquired Chidi.

"It has become my ear worm, even after an year, it is toxic music, you know ....

"What is with you and Umbrella Academy, anyways?"

"I do not know... it was fresh, never knew about that comics before the Netflix series, and then couldn't get over it for so many reasons, music being primary." claimed Jumbo

Jumbo! do you realise, you are obsessed about certain things, and that is why you are not able to get over it.

"The woman who keeps mumbling "shallow".......does not get to say it". retorted Jumbo faking anger.

"Well, let's not go into that zone, now".

"Do you know Chidi, these songs help me write, when I lack inspiration."

"Okay, let us listen to your favourite sound tracks together, let's see if I like them", said Chidi

Dear Jumbo Clan, Let's listen to the top 5 songs from The Umbrella Academy with Jumbo and Chidi.

FIVE:Sinnerman, Now I love this song Chidi, but since you asked for the top 5, this is last on the. list. I heard this song for the first time in The Umbrella Academy, and then googled it out. That voice, Oh My God, it's magical. And listening to Sinnerman before any task, gives a kick in your butt and charges you! So if I have a load of dishes to wash, or laundry to do or deadlines to write. I start with Sinnerman.


Look at you shake your body, Chidi. Do you realise, Kill of the Night has that effect. I never thought, I could be this mad about a voice before hearing Gin Wigmore say, Kill of the Night. When I am sad, this song gives me instant Bad Jumbo look, And I love it. This song has all the necessary inspiration packed for a kill, I mean.. to succeed in life.

THREE: Honestly Chidi, I never understood a single word of this song till lately but yet, kept up with it by screaming Barracuda in the right places. Try with me someday. It is an experience worth living, almost purgatory. It is like meditation, or something fresh. Just shouting 'Barracuda'....

Jumbo, more than you and me, your neighbours are affected by this word. Even more than you can realise.

Now don't giggle at me, lets move on to my next favourite.

TWO: This Year's Love. This one is totally different from the rest of the songs in the list. It is a beautiful melody with great lyrics. It is wonderful to listen to this particular number before writing a love scene. You should try that sometime Chidiiii. You will end up writing, something concrete and true. This is a song, that can be played before sleeping, to get beautiful dreams. And here it is.

ONE: This song is dedicated to you Chidi. It's such a cute, simple, little song. And my all time favourite. This ought to be the first one in list. I love to listen to it, when going on a drive, or eating panipuri, when we are together, or when I miss you! "Everything is wonderful when we are together"

Jumbo! that's enough now do not make me cry! You do have a decent taste in songs, but nothing like "Shallow" remember that! But, I should say, I am curious about the other songs in the series now.

Chidi they are equally good and Netflix has collected it for Spotify, listen to them too.


Dear Jumbo Clan,

Let us know about your favourite songs from The Umbrella Academy.

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