• Priya

The Rules are...

On a Lazy Day as Jumbo sat sipping his cuppa chai, looking at the pitter patter of raindrops from the balcony, came Chidi, the sparrow flying to chit chat with its friend.

"So, how was your day", it asked?

"I painted, wrote a poem, solved Rubik's Cube and cooked Dal Makhani, but nothing made me alive, so I am counting prime numbers in my head" Jumbo said.

"Oh!" Chidi snorted.

"What's wrong?" Jumbo retorted.

"I am thinking of a story to entertain myself" Chidi said looking flustered.

"Let's do something, Let's create a story exactly with 222 words in it", Jumbo jumped.

"But it's not a prime number", Chidi responded.

"What is life without a little bit of whimsy", Jumbo retaliated.

Dear Jumbo Clan, let's join our sweet little Pachyderm and Chidi and create a story with exactly 222 words and the best ones will be published in our Tusker Blogs.

To Publish your tales, visit submission page https://www.pachydermtales.com/submission

Remember exactly 222, not more - not less.

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