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Write With Jumbo

Chidi was sitting with a pen and a paper when Jumbo came in.

“Hey buddy! I see you have starters writing again! That’s awesome” said Jumbo

“Oh yeah! Thanks to your tips the other day!” replied Chidi cheerfully.

“ Anytime! Happy to know it helped” Jumbo was happy

“But would you mind giving me some more? If you have any!” requested Chidi

Here are the tips Jumbo shared with Chidi and we hope you find it helpful too!


Lookout for Loopholes!

There will always be a loophole no matter how much you research on the topic. If it’s fiction some of them might not seem so prominent but there might be. So lookout for them.

Tip 2:

Read and Re-read!

To avoid the loopholes always read and re-read the piece until it is loophole-less. New ideas might pop up as well when you read them out aloud.

Tip 3:

Use another pair of eyes!

Sometimes it’s wise to have another person’s opinion on things including writing. Have a friend or family as your sound board. Pitch your ideas and allow them to read your work. This will help you get new perspectives and they might find the missing loophole.

Tip 4:

Know your audience!

Be clear to whom you are writing. Know your audience so as to know what they expect. Each book is written for one or more group of audience in particular and not for everyone out there. Only those interested in the topic will have the interest in reading it.

Tip 5:

Do your research!

Always do your research and have the proper facts. Its better to avoid it if you don’t have the complete or the necessary knowledge or fact regarding the topics covered in the book. Authenticity is the key to attract genuine audience and gains respect for the work

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