Yoga to Soothe Writer's Block

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

It was a Monday morning. Jumbo was sitting under a big banyan tree. The banyan tree was the usual hanging out place for our baby elephant and Chidi, the sparrow. Jumbo was unusually sad today.  

“Hey bro” Chidi waved excitedly.

“Hi Chidi” Jumbo said still sounding sad.

"What's wrong with you? Is it the English assignment?" Chidi enquired. 

"I am finding it hard to write these days, I am having a writer's block, I guess" replied sad Jumbo.

"You look cute, even when you are sad, but let's find a solution for you this evening, dress up and wait in the children's park." she instructed.

"Done", Jumbo Exclaimed.


Jumbo anticipated meeting Chidi, not merely to spend time with her, but to come out of this writer's block once and forever. Dressed up in a kurta pyjama, Jumbo dashed to the Children's park to catch up with Chidi.  

“Chidi. Please tell me the Idea. I can’t wait anymore”

“Bro! Chill. We will first have a hot Pani Puri” Chidi jumped.

Pani Puri from Ram, the Bakari's shop was always delicious, today it was extra spicy and crunchy. After devouring the yummy puri's Jumbo asked again so what is the plan?

"I have read that Yoga can calm your system and rejuvenate your body. I think you need it, better than anyone. Creator's stress their mind a lot and Yoga can relieve them from anxiety. 

“Chidi, you are a genius" Jumbo

“So Jumbo, I guess… You are gonna join Yoga class!” chuckled Chidi

From that day, Jumbo joined Yoga sessions.  Now I can create better" Jumbo says with confidence. 

Dear Jumbo clan, now guruji Jumbo will teach you 5 asanas to make the process of creation  fun and exciting. 

Halasana (Plough Pose)

Writer’s block? Yayy! So this yoga is for you. I remember that this is the 1st ever yoga I did. You know what? I did not only complete my poetry writing assignment that day, but Chidi’s too. This pose makes you super energetic and you will feel fresh as a daisy. I hope you feel the same magic that it brought in me.

Balasana (Cow Pose)

Master had asked me to listen to the child inside me to be a writer while I’m a kid myself. Haha! But to all the fantabulous writers who are not little ones like me, I would suggest you to practice Balasana. I was so stressed with practice session. But this relieved my stress and I was able to create beautiful stories once again. So ready to be a child once again?!

Eka Pada Rajakapotsana:

Positive energy stirs up your creativity. I am told to handle criticism, I need to do this, which will help me keep the negativity away. Writing needs all your energy and this Yogasana helps in rekindling your energy as well as the creative fire.

Pranayama (Meditative breathing)

Out of all the Yogasanas I have been practicing this one is the best. Tranquility provides path to express the strongest emotions in minutiae. Pranayama and breathing exercise paves the path to bring in the inner peace.

So that’s it for today my people. I am going to write now, See you soon guys!

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