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About Us

The journey of Pachyderm Tales began in the year 2020. Pachyderm Tales is registered under the companies act under the nomenclature, Pachyderm Tales Consultancy Private Limited.


Creation can be a solitary task, that too when you want to commercialise your creation and convert it into a business. Through Pachyderm Tales we help creators in every stage of journey starting from Ideation, Financial Aids, Entrepreneurship training, Incorporation process, including follow up activities. 


For Young Student Entrepreneurs we provide various courses that will help in the self-discovery journey to become an artist and polish their artistic skills. 

Here in Jumbo clan we closely work with narratives of culture and corporate. A story teller's tales are transformed to books and big screen. While a corporate tales are converted to events. We work with various organisations and translate their stories in languages around the globe. 


Pachyderm Tales has so far worked with more than 1000 writers and produced as much as 600 books. We have worked with 20+ artists who have designed book covers and illustrated for books. We also conduct workshops and seminars in different art forms and entrepreneurship programs and we have successfully conducted as many as 70 International symposiums. We also have curated 18 large scale events.


Meet our Jumbo Clan, who will take you closer to your dream, the team that loves working with your narratives. 


Dr. R. Lakshmi Priya

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Her love for stories from childhood pushed her to focus on a platform for creators. She lives in a fantasy world where she is Matilda. She takes care of the fictional side of Pachyderm Tales and keeps away from reality as much as possible. 



Chief Operating Officer

She is the source of counter balance in Pachyderm Tales, with her people friendly personality. All the emotional needs of this organisation are taken care by her and she loves spinning them into stories in her leisure time. 


Swetha Prakash

Chief Publishing Officer - London

Her vast experience, knowledge and understanding of publishing industry comes to Pachyderm Tales' aid. She acts as the perfect bridge between new authors and the Jumbo Clan. 

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Manali Desai - Netherland

A beautiful writer, who has created a literary empire of her own. She takes care of our clients in European countries especially Netherlands. She balances creativity with her knack for business. A sweet and an ever smiling soul. 



Divya Hariharan - Oman

Knowledge seeker who believes in fantasies, riding on turning dreams to vision and vision into reality. Coffee obsessed, penophile, a green panther, dendrophile & bibliophile glancing the world through the coloured glass of creativity. Blogger & Author of Livin’ the dreams, striving towards empowering women through the power of words.


Leanna Privette - USA

Leanna Privette is a traveler, writer, musician and business woman. She holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. Leanna is enchanted by nature and humanity. Above all, she aims to help shape a better world for her three daughters.


Dr. Josan Ranjjith

Brand Ambassador

An influential person who can perform the most important tasks with perfect outcome. His enthusiastic and outgoing personality adds color to the company and brings positive energy to the whole team. 



Regional Language Director

She is persuasive and has the ability to get things done. Her never say die attitude aids her in handling clients of different background. 



Content Head

A mildly crazy mind, with ideas as varied as the stars afar, yet her fiery passion for words and imagination, somehow string them into constellation. She works to meet her audience with creative authenticity, and her clients with diligent effort.



Media Head

An out and out passionately thrilled soul that tries hands at varied pursuits. She is ever thirsty for new learnings and ever willing for equipping herself to evolve and excel.



Social Network Director

She abodes in a cosmos far far away from Earth. She drifts through time and space to create something new everyday. Prompt and organised, she can take over any work with utmost responsibility.



Creative Head

A starry eyed dreamer who strives hard to get things done. She loves bringing out the essence of the job she undertakes. 

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Shanthini Devi

Communication Head

She is highly professional and handles her work with great diligence. Her dynamic and peppy personality helps in forming strong meaningful relations in and out of the company.


Poornima Shree

Project Manager

She undertakes the best-fit projects for Pachyderm Tales. She envisions new horizons for our team and is  always raising the bar to grand new heights. She plans and executes with a professional hand and an experienced mind.

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